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Tebriz deri pasaport çantası kod | 019

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Product Features:

  • Model: passport / travel
  • Color: dark and light brown, black
  • Material Type: natural leather
  • lining : fabric
  • stainless steel fittings
  • There are 2 wrist and neck straps
  • Size 11*19
  • Safe keeping of important documents
  • passport, driver's license, bank card and cash

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Product features

Tebriz deri pasaport çantası It is one of the most demanded and practical products for men of all ages and has a more spacious and formal design than passport bags and normal shoulder and neck bags.

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Men's leather passport bag price

In this design, 3 colors, dark and light brown and black, are very popular. leather bag and shoes Accessories such as men's and women's leather suits are also considered as various and practical gifts for online gift shopping for Father's Day.

مشخصات کیف پاسپورتی چرم تبریز کد 019

Store application site Tabriz leather shoes and bags یعنی Pantoiran با ارسال Leather products Tabriz is considered one of the most popular stores for leather bags and shoes throughout the country.

Tabriz leather passport bag

If you are always worried about your most important belongings and personal information being stolen or lost while walking or commuting in a crowded environment such as subway, bus, taxi, this product is for you.

  •  Identification documents
  • passport
  • ID card
  • Driving licence
  • Switch and key
  • Bank card, cash
  • Wallet and mobile phone

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Going to a friendly meeting in the evening, in the park, shopping, administrative work and toll booths, universities, mausoleums and mausoleums, mosques, schools, airports, terminals, railways with bags, Tebriz deri pasaport çantası Lightweight, roomy and tidy, stylish for men.

Other product features

This stylish and leather bag will be your faithful friend when you go to banks, conferences, hospitals, centers, laboratories, amusement parks, cinemas, emergency business meetings, even travel and nature tourism places.
It can also be considered as a good gift for teacher and student.

Specifications of Tabriz leather passport bag:

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 19 × 11 cm
Color :

عسلی, قهوه ای, مشکی


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