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leather belt | code 200

420,000 Toman

  • Features of men's natural leather belt:

    • Men's leather belt
    • for jeans and linen trousers
    • Made in tabriz
    • Color: Black
    • Material Type: natural leather
    • Belt width: 4 cm
    • Belt length: adjustable by opening the screw at the end of the buckle
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Product features

leather belt | code 200

Tabriz made leather men's belt

  • Using belts on different types of trousers, including jeans, jeans and linen, will give a tailored look to your outfits and personality.
  • The belt you use will show that you value your personality and you will have a well-groomed appearance in crowds.
  • Although the belt may seem like a small part of a suit, its stance and beauty play a very important role in men's and women's clothing.

Things to note:

Always remember this rule that leather products are compatible with other leather products. For example, if leather shoes brown, so your belt should be brown.

Leather maintenance:

 If your leather products get wet, you should put them in a place with the appropriate temperature (not too cold or too hot) to dry slowly.
Leather products should not be washed in any way, in order to prolong the life of the belt, you should wipe it with special leather oil so that it protects the belt well.

Time to send orders:

Your order will be sent by mail one day after registration prepared and packaged by the support team.

Order delivery time:

  • Tehran             2 to 3 working days
  • Cities center 3 to 4 working days
  • small cities 4 to 5 working days

The product is sent from the factory

Your orders will be sent directly from the factory at the lowest price.

کمربند چرمی دستدوز طبیعی تبریز انواع اکسسوری چرم مردانه کد 200

How Do We Know If The Leather Is Real?

When buying belts, wallets, shoes and many other leather products that we use in our daily lives, there is always a question mark in our minds. Is this real leather or synthetic? So how do we understand it?

First of all, the raw material of synthetic leather is plastic. This is why synthetic leather smells like plastic. Genuine leather has a unique smell that everyone is familiar with.
In addition, you can feel the quality of the leather used by hand. The difference between real leather and synthetic leather is the pores. These pores differ according to the type of animal skin used. For example, the skins made from the back and belly are slightly thicker.
The quality of the leather depends on the quality process. The leather processed with quality chemicals will also be of good quality at this rate.

leather belt price

Just because a leather belt is of good quality does not mean it is a brand. To buy a quality leather product, of course, you should consult leather traders who are experts in this business.
Because leather production workers do this all the time. Therefore better and cheaper leather products in stores you can find
How to recognize real leather? Natural leather does not form obvious wrinkles. For example, the bends it creates when you bend your elbow are not very sharp.
You can tell by its texture. How?
Each piece of genuine leather has a different appearance. Not every place is the same. On the other hand, imitations look the same everywhere because they are oppression. The indentations in the skin that we look closely are not homogeneous.

Additional information

Weight190 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm
Color :

قهوه ای, مشکی

Size :

110, 120, 130, 140


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