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Aray Teb

Women's Slippers "Burla" | code 11000216

680,000 Toman

  • Material Type: natural leather
  • inner sole : leather, Orthopedic, washable and replaceable
  • Inner Lining: LEATHER
  • Sole Feature: PU
  • Standard foot lengths
  • Made in tabriz
  • Panto store، is the official representative of Aray Teb products in Tabriz.
  • Certificate Tabriz University of medical sciences
  • Heel height 2.5 cm
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Product features

Women's Slippers "Burla" | code 11000216

Made from the finest Tabriz cowhide

    1. Natural cow leather is used for the originality and durability of the slipper.

    2. It is made of high quality cow leather dyed with herbal materials with antibacterial properties and absorbs bad odors and foot sweat. This important feature allows the feet to breathe comfortably, thus relieving fatigue and meeting all your needs for a relaxing walk.

    3. Since the inner sole of this product is orthopedic, it also accelerates the blood circulation in the veins.

    4. and absorbs shock with every step, which eliminates strain on the knees and back during prolonged use.

    5. slippers are suitable for everyday use.

    6. The sole is PU (Polyurethane), flexible, light and soft, resistant to abrasion.


This product has been approved by the international (ISO) standard mark center. tabrız unıversity of medical sciences sandals and shoes it says approved has been

دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تبریز


Time to send orders:

Your order will be sent by mail one day after registration prepared and packaged by the support team.

Order delivery time:

Tehran             2 to 3 working days
Cities center 3 to 4 working days
small cities 4 to 5 working days

How to replace the product:

If the shoes or sandals are not suitable in color and size, we will respectfully replace them.

Contact the support team for replacement.

(Re-shipping cost belongs to the customer)

The product is sent from the factory

Your orders will be sent directly from the factory at the lowest price.


How to maintain the "Burla" slippers:

The top of the slipper is non-washable leather, when it comes into contact with water or in front of the hot place, it dries and cracks, the leather loses its properties.

leather The type of leather used in this product does not require polish, you can use a soft and wet cloth to clean its surface.

Insole Slippers The inner sole of the slipper is made of washable leather, and you can easily use the washing machine to clean it, the main thing is that after washing the insole, it will dry slowly at home temperature.

Note about Insole:

Do not use descaling agents or strong detergents to wash the insole.

Because if the material used in the insole loses its elasticity, it hardens and causes rot on the skin, and the company has no responsibility for such insoles!

2- The life of the insole for daily use is between 1 and 2 years. If needed, you can buy a new insole from the link below.

 کفی /Pantoiran.ir/product


دمپایی زنانه : استفاده روزمره

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
Color :

سبز یشمی, سرخ آبی, سرمه ای, سفید, قرمز, نارنجی

Size :

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

2 reviews for دمپایی زنانه مدل بورلا | کد کالا 11000216

  1. Anonymous

    سلام وقت بخیر چرا نمیشه به سبد خرید دسترسی داشت؟؟

    • arash mesri

      سلام ممنونم
      وب سایت آماده سرویس دهی هست و مشکلی نداره
      لطفا فیلترشکن رو خاموش کنید و از گوگل کروم استفاده کنید

  2. زهرا پارسا

    چرا سایز ۴۲ یا ۴۳ زنانه در هیچ مدلی ندارید؟
    بصورت سفارشی تولید میکنید یا کلا در این سایزها تولید ندارید؟

    • پانتو

      سلام عرض ادب
      قالب های سایز 42 و 43 رو آماده کردیم انشالله از شش ماهه دوم شروع به تولید میکنیم

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