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کیف دوشی ساده چرم | کد کالا 006

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  • جنس :  چرم ترکیبی
  • بهترین های دست دوز
  •  سه تبله جادار
  • دارای یک زیپ وسط در قسمت اصلی
  • جنس آستری پارچه زخیم
  •  دارای بند دوشی قابل تنظیم
  •  ابعاد 25*15*5
  • stainless steel fittings
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Product features

کیف دوشی ساده چرم | کد کالا 006


محصول تهیه شده از بهترین نوع چرم ترکیبی میباشد

دارای رویه از چرم ترکیبی صنعتی وطبیعی گاوی  میباشد که برای زیبایی و دوام کیف استفاده شده است.

lining : fabric
بند دوشی دولایه از چرم




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چرم پانتو In Panto store, Tabriz Handmade leather products, slippers, bags, shoes are sold for men and women.


Features of the leather bag

As you know, one of the finishing touches to your personal style is choosing the right accessories for your style. In addition to perfecting the style, the bag is very practical and is one of the most important used by men and women of all ages.

One of the most important features when buying a bag that everyone is looking for is that it is stylish and attractive, as well as the quality and durability of the bag material. Bags made of natural leather are among the most popular of their kind. If bags are an important part of your style and you are always excited to buy a bag, read on to learn about the features of a good bag.

One of the types of bags is shoulder bags, briefcases and sports bags that are used by both men and women.

One of the most important features of such bags is that they should have a large internal volume.

The next feature is to have clean stitching.

Using high quality leather

softness and flexibility of the bag

One of the most important features is the use of quality fasteners such as zippers, zippers, and magnetic buttons.

Also, the part that connects the fasteners to the different parts of the bag must be sturdy, as these parts wear or tear over time.

The bag should have a nice strong lining.


Some of the other commonly used types of bags can be listed:

      1. Ladies hand Bag

      2. Cosmetic bag

      3. کیفهای پول

      4. backpack

      5. Student and Briefcase

      6. Hand bag and travel bag

      7. کیف دوشی ساده و طرح دار


علاوه بر کیف مناسب برای استایل جذاب ،استفاده از دیگر اکسسوری ها مانند کمربند و کلاه میتوانید استایل خود را کامل کنید.


 About online shopping:

Generally, there is general information about the bag in online stores and websites. But be more careful with such purchases. If you have decided to buy, ask the seller to give you more photos.

Close the photos enough and inspect all parts of the bag carefully. In order to be sure of the product's quality and materials, ask the seller for complete bag information and then proceed with the purchase process.

Beside all these things mentioned, pay attention to the price of the product. Keep in mind that a high price is not always a sign of product quality. Of course, high-quality leather products have a high price, but a high price does not always guarantee the quality of the product.

Leather maintenance:

این کیف قابل شستشو نیست ،و در تماس با آب از بین میرود، برای تمیز کردن کیف از دستمال نرم و مرطوب استفاده کنید سپس  از واکس مرغوب یا روغن های مخصوص چرم استفاده کنید.

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions15 × 5 × 20 cm
Color :

زرشکی, عسلی, قرمز, مشکی


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